How much is this going to cost?

That’s the million dollar question (literally), right? Kidding. We know what it’s like when you’re just starting out. We are here to help, not break the bank before you’ve even had a chance to get your business going! We’ll barter, we’ll give you the friends and family discount, we’ll make it work. What’s important to us is seeing you succeed, you can pay us the big bucks when you’re rolling in the dough — we know we can help you get there.

What if I have a very loose concept or idea?

We work from the ground up, and we love it. We aren’t put off at the idea of having to help you plan from start to finish. We can help you regardless of how far you are along the way, and we will make sure to help refine your ideas and provide you with insight and clarity that will save you time, money, and headaches. Trust us, we’ve been there!

what if i am still working a 9-5?

It’s a misconception that you have to quit your day job in order to make your dreams work. You can do both and we can show you how.

why does this all seem too good to be true?

It does sound that way, doesn’t it? The truth is - we have been there. We have started from the ground up and we know what it’s like. We’ve made the mistakes and are just looking to help people who are in the same position we were in eight years ago, and three successful startups later!

Why do we offer to sign nda’s?

We’re looking to help and protect you from yourself. We offer standard complimentary NDA’s because whether we work together or not - you should be protected! No one should hear your ideas without signing an NDA! It’s not personal, it’s business.

Any other questions?

We’re here to help. Send us an email at info@baktglobal.com. Ask us anything.